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Birth Right the book by Susan Ross

Find a Post-Natal Doula for you

What is a post-natal doula? Our Birth Right™ post-natal doulas have been expertly trained to provide support for a new family. They are not mothercraft nurses, they are not nannies, they have knowledge and understanding about bonding and attachment in particular, as well as breastfeeding, settling, and what a newborn’s needs are. They will help you to understand and recognise your baby’s cues, giving you the confidence to trust your own instincts.

Having a post-natal doula in your home will give you the ‘space’ to be able to bond and get to know your baby. She will not be telling you ‘how to’ but will be offering invaluable advice to suit your particular circumstances.

If you have not already experienced the benefits of a birth doula, then why not invest in a post-natal doula. This will enable you to rest, fall in love with your baby, and have the reassurance of an ‘objective’ professional to discuss ideas with.

For further information contact Susan on 0419 606 171 or email us.

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Romy Farmer

The post-natal time is one to be cherished and indulged - resting and recuperating, and enjoying bonding with your new baby. The support received during this period is as important and significant as any received during pregnancy, labour and birth.

My role as a post-natal doula is broad and far reaching, and greatly defined by the needs and requirements of each family. From providing practical knowledge and advice, and invaluable emotional support and reassurance, to assisting with breastfeeding, sleeping and settling. And perhaps even allowing you a much needed rest. If required, I can also help with the care of older children, light housework, and the preparation of meals.

It is a pleasure and a joy to support and assist women and their families, in any way I can, during this wonderful and precious time.

Rebecca Fraser

I especially love supporting new parents as they get to know their babies, and as a post-natal doula I feel very lucky to be able to visit and help in any way that I can after your birth. Every woman has unique needs and the time following birth can be one of the steepest learning curves of your life! It is such a special time as you bond with your baby, and your body recovers from pregnancy and birth, and all women deserve nurturing and care at this time.

So whether it is gaining confidence with breastfeeding that you need, or assistance with settling, or even some much needed help around the home, I would love to help make the transition into parenthood a happy and reassuring one for you.

Christine Leghorn

Bringing a newborn home is the most exciting thing a family will do, but it can also be ovewhelming. From my experience, it is the support you have from the people around you that make this time most memorable as you settle into your new role.

My passion as a post natal doula is to create a supportive environment for families that is compassionate and informative, so that families can focus on enjoying their new baby.

Lucy Penhallow

As a Post-Natal Doula I offer breastfeeding support, tips on sleep and settling for you and your baby, up-to-date vaccination information, and guidance for new (and not so new!) families. From giving you a chance to rest from bub, to helping you with a few simple household tasks, my aim is to make you feel more relaxed and confident in parenting in the first few months after the birth of your baby. I also offer Energy Healing and Holistic Kinesiology for you and/or bub to help bring about more calm to your new family unit.


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Contact Susan:  0419 606 171 for further info.

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