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Online Doula Training

Birth Right the book by Susan Ross

Welcome to Birth Right™- 0419606171

Susan RossSusan Ross founder and Director of Birth Right™  - Published author of ‘Birth Right’ (Random House), Public Speaker, childbirth educator, doula, Trainer, Founder of Inside Birth® pregnancy classes, background in midwifery, Hypnotherapist, with my second book, the first Australian Doula book, released in 2012 Doulas - Why every pregnant woman deserves one.

“I created Birth Right™ so that women have access to independent information, to understand 'choice', the power of hypnosis, and to enjoy their birthing. “ Susan Ross

Birth Right™ provides pregnancy classes with our Inside Birth® program, an amazing doula service, early pregnancy consultations, hypnotherapy counselling, birth de-briefing.  We also offer expert Doula Training and Childbirth Educator Training with Inside Birth® .

Childbirth Educator Training

WELCOME to our new  Inside Birth® Master Practitioner training course. Do you want to set the stage for creating a non-violent world? then come and learn about teaching women the importance of how we grow our babies, and how we connect and parent from conception.  Don't miss out on the chance to change the face of birthing!


Inside Birth® Pregnancy Classes


Then book an Inside Birth® class today and learn about releasing all fears!  You can book any time in your pregnancy - the earlier the better so you can enjoy getting to know your baby on the Inside and look forward to meeting on the Outside. 

Inside Birth® uses hypnosis, empowering a woman to establish confidence and trust and teaching a powerful connection to her mind, body and her baby, eliminating all fears and anxieties.  It offers a unique approach to birthing, even pain free.  When a woman is well prepared for birthing and parenting she will experience a relaxed, beautiful birth.   It is every woman’s birthright to be the CEO of her pregnancy, labour and birth.  It is every baby’s birthright to come into the world in a relaxed and gentle way, both looking forward to meeting on the outside. Read more.......

"We will be forever grateful to Susan Ross for helping us achieve the kind of birth we desperately hoped for.  We looked for a birth doula for our 2nd child because our first birth experience was very traumatic and I didn't know how I was going to get through a second. Against the odds, I ended up with a successful VBAC at 41wks.  Our baby was healthy and perfect, and I was able to experience labour and birth in the way I needed to.  I joyfully say that birth was the best, most transformative day of my life, and I would want every woman to be able to experience that.  I am confident I would not have had that experience if Susan had not been my doula."  Leyla


Doula Training:  online/face to face plus

Inside Birth® Childbirth Educator Training:  4 days face to face

Learning these deep hypnosis techniques empowers birthing women to be in control of their pregnancy/birthing

Contact Susan:  0419 606 171 for further info.

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